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Senior citizens abroad and air ambulance transports!

May 26, 2010

Acapulco, Mexico – Travelling abroad is a great way to spend the best years of your life. Every year thousands of senior retired citizens travel south to escape the cold winter weather in the USA and Canada. Statistics sadly enough show that senior citizens are more likely to get sick or injured while travelling.

Let´s take a look at common causes for (elderly) people needing our air ambulance service.

Respiratory Failure

Respiratory failure is a syndrome in which the respiratory system fails in one or both of its gas exchange functions. Examples of respiratory failure are cardiogenic or noncardiogenic pulmonary edema, pneumonia, and pulmonary hemorrhage.

It frequently occurs that we transport a patient diagnosed with pneumonia. Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung. It is considered a common illness which can occur in all age groups. It is however a leading cause of death amongst the elderly and people who are chronically and terminally ill.

Heart Problems

Heart problems such as heart failure are a common reason for an air ambulance transport. Heart failure is generally defined as inability of the heart to supply sufficient blood flow to meet the body’s needs. It has various diagnostic criteria, and the term heart failure is often incorrectly used to describe other cardiac-related illnesses, such as heart attack or cardiac arrest.

People that have suffered a heart attack while on vacation need medical evacuation. Most heart attacks happen when a clot in the coronary artery blocks the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. Often this leads to an irregular heartbeat that causes a severe decrease in the pumping function of the heart. A blockage that is not treated within a few hours causes the affected heart muscle to die.

Head Injury

A head injury is any trauma that leads to injury of the scalp, skull, or brain. The injuries can range from a minor bump on the skull to serious brain injury. Below you can find information about brain hemorrhage, a trauma that we frequently encounter at Jet Rescue Air Ambulance.

Brain Hemorrhage is a condition caused by a sudden stroke to a person after blood leaks out from the blood vessels in the brain. This situation occurs due to the break in the wall of blood vessel, the blood spills out of the blood vessel and enters the area where vital tissues and cells of brain reside, killing those tissues and cells; this causes the patient to become seriously ill and needs immediate medication and/or treatment.

Cranial Base Fracture

A skull fracture is a break in one or more of the bones in the skull usually occurring as a result of blunt force trauma. If the force of the impact is excessive the bone may fracture at or near the site of the impact. The force of direct impact may cause damage to the underlying physical structures contained within the skull such as the membranes, blood vessels, and brain, even in the absence of a fracture.

Going on vacation is great and the chances that something will happen to you are really small. However that is not a guarantee that an accident won´t happen to you. As always we stress that you take preventative measures before you go on vacation;

–          Get a travel insurance that covers medical cost & evacuation.

–          Ask your insurance company if there is a manual with standard procedures in case of emergencies such as an accident/illness.

–          Always have our 24h emergency phone number on you.  01-800-681-1504 toll free from Mexico

Having the best medical equipment does make a difference

November 11, 2009
Medical Equipment Air Ambulance service

Medical Equipment

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance always strives to have the most reliable state-of-the-art medical equipment in the air ambulance industry. It is also the company’s policy that the equipment used by the medical team is less than 4 years old. Now, why is this so important? I hear you think.

The following example is just one of many that show that the quality of the medical equipment does make a difference. On the 2nd of November 2009 Jet Rescue Air Ambulance transported a Bariatric Patient with Pneumonia from a hospital in Saltillo, a city in Mexico, to the receiving hospital in Dallas.

The ventilator at the Hospital in Mexico could not support this 228 kilos (About  417 lbs.) patient. To make the situation even more worrying, the equipment used by the initially contracted Air Ambulance Company was also unable to support this patient. The patient’s O2 saturation was below 89.

Jet Rescue’s Draeger Oxylog 3000 once again proved that there is no other transport ventilator with the same capabilities! Without any problem at all the Oxylog 3000 supported this patient and the O2 Saturation during the bed-to-bed transport remained at a satisfactory level of 97%!

This patient was experiencing a life threatening situation and was in critical condition. Imagine if you or your beloved ones are in a similar life threatening situation. Would you want to depend on medical equipment that is outdated or just not up for the task?  Exactly, and that is why Jet Rescue Air Ambulance strives to have the best, state-of-the-art and most reliable medical equipment!

The Jet Rescue Air Ambulance medical equipment that is available for each flight consists of;

– Zoll M Series CCT fullu loaded  Monitor/Defibrillator/Pacemaker

– Laerdal Portable Suction Unit

– Dräger Oxylog 3000 transport ventilator/Oxylog 2000 back up ventilator

– Propaq encore 206 backup monitor

– Portable laboratory Abbott i-STAT

– Siui Cts 900 portable ultrasound

– Ultrasound scanner for mobile use in and outside the aircraft with 5-inch  TFT LCD, 256 grey shades, Memory up to 160 images, 2-kg weigh

– ACLS and Specialty pharmacy

– Trauma Equipment

– Advanced Airway Management

– Lifeport Self contained ICU stretcher with 12,000 lts of Oxygen, unlimited suction and   unlimited medical air.

– Draeger TI 500 transport incubator Globe Trotter.

– 3 110 v electrical outlets