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How to spot an Air Ambulance Broker

October 7, 2014

Choosing the services of an air ambulance provider especially during a stressful time can be a very difficult task. Thankfully, the advent of powerful search engines on the Internet has made this task much easier to ensure you are getting an air ambulance provider. easy right? Wrong!

Your search may lead you to an air ambulance broker who portrays themselves as an actual air ambulance operator with websites showing images of aircraft and making promises of providing their “own” aircraft, medical staff and flight crew, when in reality they simply broker these requests while charging hidden outrageous additional fees.

Knowledge is power and knowing the following key points will help spot whether you have contacted a broker or an actual air ambulance operator.

  1. If a website has images of aircraft on it, check if the aircraft tail numbers correspond to the model of aircraft and in turn the company purporting to operate or fly that aircraft. This information can be found on

Be cautious of aircraft on websites with no tail numbers. Photoshop is a powerful tool.

Look for logos that looks over imposed to the actual image.

  1. Ask for a copy of the air ambulance provider’s Aircraft Operator Certificate or equivalent.

This AOC lists the aircraft the company is authorized to operate. If the picture on the website does not match the AOC then it is not their aircraft.

  1. Caution should be urged where the wording on an air ambulance company’s website is ambiguous-“we have access to Lear jet 35 aircraft” is far removed from “we own and operate Lear jet 35 aircraft.” “we arrange for air ambulance flights” is far from we provide air medical transport on our owned and operated aircraft.
  2. Search engines  can be misleading. Typing in “air ambulance” into an Internet search engine can show results of companies that are experts at engineering websites to achieve high rankings. Not necessarily  at providing air ambulance and medical transportation. If you have any doubt about who exactly is behind the company’s website you are looking at, it may be revealing to check the domain name registration service to see who owns the site.
  3. The company should have a physical mailing address rather than just an anonymous P.O. Box and have local/geographic phone numbers, not just a toll-free number.
  4. Is there a copy of the Air Operator Certificate available on the company’s website? If not, ask for a copy to be sent to you. No company can operate aircraft without this certificate, typically known in the industry as a Part 135 Certificate in the United States or AOC elsewhere.
  5. Be Careful when you call a certain number and they answer with a Generic name. Example: ¨Air Ambulance how can I help?¨
  6. If the person you speak over the phone seems to be doubting  and cannot provide you with immediate information like exact aircraft model, Registration and an immediate quote, its very likely you are talking to a broker.
  7. Look for companies that are Accredited by either CAMTS,EURAMI, or NAAMTA. this organizations have already done their due diligence to give them accreditation.

Brokers may offer a valuable service for those who have never booked an air ambulance service, but be aware of the potential for being misled by those who’s focus is on making a high profit, not patient care.


Doing your due diligence will enhance your chances of success in choosing an air ambulance provider who owns and operates their own aircraft. This will save you tons of money and headaches.



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Jet Rescue supports World Aids Day!

November 22, 2012

World Aids DayAt Jet Rescue we would like to ask your attention for the upcoming “World AIDS Day”, observed on the 1st of December.  Every year the 1st of December is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. It has become one of the most recognized international health days and a key opportunity to raise awareness, commemorate those who have passed on, and celebrate victories such as increased access to treatment and prevention services. Public support and programming is encouraged to prevent the spread of HIV infection; awareness and education about HIV/AIDS is provided and compassion is demonstrated for those infected or affected by HIV.

Government and health officials observe the day, often with speeches or forums on the AIDS topics and since 1995, the President of the United States has made an official proclamation on World AIDS Day. Governments of other nations have followed suit and issued similar announcements.

AIDS has killed more than 25 million people between 1981 and 2007, and approximately 33 million people are infected by HIV.

Declining new HIV infections in children
The area where most progress is being made is in the reduction of new HIV infections in children. Half of the global reductions in new HIV infections in the last two years have been among newborn children.

Fewer AIDS-related deaths 
Antiretroviral therapy has emerged as a powerful force for saving lives. In the last 24 months the number of people accessing treatment has increased by 63% globally.

More investments 
Countries are increasing investments in the AIDS response despite a difficult economic climate. The global gap in resources needed annually by 2015 is now at 30%. In 2011, US$ 16.8 billion was available and the need for 2015 is between US$ 22-24 billion.

Statistically the results are improving but we still are far from being there yet. Please do support this cause and make your colleagues, friends and family aware of this important day. Thank you!

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July 1, 2010

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