First Latin American Air Ambulance company in process for EURAMI accreditation

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance, a worldwide provider of air ambulance services with bases in Scottsdale AZ,Guadalajara MX and Toluca MX announces that the organization is the first Latin American Air Ambulance company in process for obtaining the EURAMI (European Association of Aero-Medical Professionals & Organizations) accreditation. Obtaining this prestigious accreditation would be of great importance to Jet Rescue Air Ambulance as it would objectively confirm the quality standards of the company.

EURAMI is a Stuttgart (Germany) based non-profit association of air medical professionals and operators from 27 countries in and outside Europe The association aims to promote air rescue and to develop and harmonize quality standards and to improve patient care and safety in air medical transports.

Quote: “EURAMI Accreditation Standards are periodically revised criteria to assess an Air Medical Service’s level of quality in terms of capabilities, medical management and qualifications, aircraft’s configuration and equipment, operational issues, communications, management policies, quality management, and/or specific requirements for fixed wing and rotor wing aircrafts. These Accreditation Standards are based on legal standards of the European Union (European Standards, e.g. EN 13718-2), international expertise, and the experience of leading European Air Medical Services.”

In order to obtain the EURAMI Accreditation, Jet Rescue Air Ambulance has to accept a specially arranged visit, a thorough inspection, assessment and evaluation performed by a specially trained EURAMI Auditor. When the EURAMI board gives the green light, customers will start to note Jet Rescue’s EURAMI certification and know that they are securing a flight with a reliable air ambulance service.

The EURAMI accreditation would not only show that Jet Rescue Air Ambulance complies with the strict American Air Ambulance standards but also with the European standards!

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